Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers

April 10th, 2008 by McBru

Of course being from the soggy Pacific Northwest, I instantly noticed Marketing Pilgrim‘s blog posting tip on posting SLUGS. It’s almost common knowledge now to optimize your blog/Web site’s searchability using key words and tags (this is known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO).

To go one step further than maximizing your tags and titles, bloggers are now creating slugs at the end of their posting’s URL in order to make that specific post more searchable. Marketing Pilgrim gives a great tutorial on how to effectively add slugs to your posts. Now if only I could effectively get rid of the slugs in my garden!

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One Response to “Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers”

  1. John Gillett Says:

    Having plenty of experience with the wild banana slugs of Oregon, I understand the pitfalls of gardening with the slimy critters…

    I was unaware of slugs being used for blogs…thanks for the tip!