Tips for Managing an Expanding Set of Tech B2B Marketing Services

January 21st, 2013 by Trista

Expanding marketing services? Be flexible.
Photo: Alex Beattie, Wikimedia Commons

As the marketing and PR landscape continues its constant (and rapid) evolution, tech B2B marketers need to stay ahead of the curve. That includes learning and deploying new services aligned around content marketing and social media. New services require new project management processes, which are often complicated by the need to partner with outside creative and technical resources.

To make sure work flows smoothly while in uncharted territory, your producers and project managers need to adapt with the times. Here are a few lessons we’ve learned as McBru has delved deeper into high-end online video, infographics, responsive design, and other new marketing tactics:

  • Take lots of meetings with new creative and technical resources to help build out your vendor list.
  • Evaluate ways to improve your collaboration and project management methods and tools to account for new process steps and resources.
  • Have a robust kickoff meeting, and don’t hesitate to add more quick face-to-face meetings along the path to make sure the team is aligned.
  • Add enough time in the final delivery date to account for process tweaking and extra QA attention.

Above all, stay nimble. You might not know exactly from the start what necessary changes will need to be made. But if all team members are open to being flexible and communicating openly and honestly, rough patches can be navigated without too much loss in productivity.

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