Getting Tech B2B Marketing Results From Twitter

February 6th, 2013 by Janel

By Janel Pettit, McClenahan Bruer Social Media Specialist

Is Twitter an effective social media tool for driving traffic toward a purchasing decision?

A January 2013 joint Small Business CEO Survey between the Wall Street Journal and Vistage Leadership Group reported that only three percent of U.S. CEOs think Twitter has the potential to grow business.

So you’ve heard of the now legend “Blackout Super Bowl?” In the first five minutes of a surprise power outage during the most watched first/second screen event of the year, Oreo broke herd (culture-jacked?) with one, short, money shot tweet:

This was retweeted over 15,000 times. Some would say it went viral-esque.

It included a visual, and a relevant, on brand message. It was experiential.

CEOs responding to the WSJ/Vistage survey leading businesses that have tried adding Twitter to the marketing mix generally experienced flat results. With any B2C or B2B marketing strategy that includes Twitter, be sure to have these components in place:

1. A competitive analysis. What does the playing field look like?

2. Where is all your social traffic going? To an optimized landing page with a crystal clear call to action, intuitive e-commerce, a UI that leads to conversions, i.e. sales, and tracks metrics.

3. And an optimized landing page with responsive design for mobile devices.

(Consumers and business decision-makers may not go to Twitter to shop, but they are influenced by product recommendations; raves and rants from trusted sources. Get them clicking through to your landing page.)

4. Dedicated community management to move past servings of industry broadcast messaging and over to where brand loyalists live with authentic engagement and problem-solving.

5. Listening systems for real-time conversation – also a good step for your crisis communication plan.

6. Tools identified for data mining efficiency and management.

7. Perhaps gamification using visual vines and hashtags – integration with other relevant social channels.

What investments did the Oreo leadership and marketing team make to position the brand for that touchdown tweet?

  • The brand created a culture and a consistent voice/message.
  • @Oreo cultivated a Twitter community of over 73,000 followers (a community manager monitors for the quality of targeted followers and influencer relations).
  • They identified a ready-made multi-mode Super Bowl audience of millions.
  • Leadership deployed a team of marketers and creatives for opportunistic execution during the event.
  • They did develop a strategy.
  • They did not rely on broadcast messaging.
  • They paid exponentially less than a 30 second TV commercial.


McBru offers a comprehensive 360 social media analysis. Respond to this post or call us with questions to position your tech B2B marketing on Twitter.

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