How to Gather Great Data for Great Tech B2B Infographics

February 21st, 2013 by Joe S.

Infographics have become a very popular marketing tool to visualize data. What many infographics lack is original and interesting data and insights. In this post I’ll outline a relatively simple way to gather great data for use in an infographic.

First, determine the topic(s) and the kind of data and insights that will be interesting to your audience, and aligns with your content strategy. Let’s say your target audience is IT pros who are interested in cloud security. They may want to know which security methods other IT professionals are using, and what they are most concerned about. Now that you have your topic nailed down, it’s time to deploy a survey.

There is an art and science to designing a survey that elicits the kinds of responses that you can fashion into interesting insights. In fact, it could be its own blog post. A few quick tips: keep it under five minutes to complete, use skip logic, and test, test, test before deploying the survey into the wild.

Now you have a great survey ready to go. Now what? If your target audience is IT pros for example, you probably have a nice list of them in your email database. You might even have a lot of them following you on social media. With the right call to action and an incentive for completing the survey, you will be surprised how many survey responses you will garner. You could also try promoting in appropriate LinkedIn Groups ­- just be aware that the Group moderator may not be interested in helping you with your survey. If you do not have a list or significant social media following you can always rent a list of names, although this can get expensive.

Once your survey results start to roll in, you will have original data that is of interest to your audience. And that is the foundation of a great infographic. Perhaps I can now twist the arm of our art director to follow up with a blog post about aesthetic best practices for designing a visually appealing infographic.

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