Influencer Relations Should Be Focused and Concise, Period.

February 26th, 2013 by Whitney

I love reading articles by other IR professionals, because they illustrate how like-minded individuals in this field are and how many woes we share, whether you’re in tech B2B or another area of focus.

On Monday, PR News posted an article titled, “Biggest Take for PR Execs who Tuned into the Oscars.” The Oscars, along with conferences, events and award programs big and small, seem to share one fatal flaw; failure to be concise, focused and manage time effectively. Just because the music is sped up or lighting changes for a cue, it doesn’t indicate an effective use of time or schedule.

For instance, 1.5 hours passed before the first major award was handed out during the Oscars. It’s an award show, so hand out the awards, already! Events need to be intentional and carefully planned. They should be organized with intent to produce the content attendees want to see and are able to absorb in a reasonable time frame.

As the article perfectly states, “don’t try and fit 10 pounds of show into a five pound bag.” In a world of instant gratification and high-speed consumption, no one has time or patience for an event that is drawn out for three hours when it so clearly could have been executed in half that time.  

In the world of tech B2B, timely and targeted marketing efforts couldn’t be more important to ensure we grab the attention of our audiences and execute successful campaigns.

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