Is Your B2B Agency Contributing to Strategy?

March 21st, 2013 by Kerry

I read an interesting post this week by the good folks at MarketingCharts, who have been parsing the 2013 RSW/US Agency-Marketer Business Report and pulling out sections to review and comment on. This week’s topic: the importance of an agency’s strategic insights in an agency selection process.







To wit, “strategic insights” is the single most important criterion marketers rely on when making an agency selection, followed by creative ideas and chemistry. This makes all the sense in the world to me; strategic insights should be the basis for everything B2B agencies create for their clients. And yes, clients have a responsibility to nail down strategy, but so do agencies. The quality and success of their work depends on it.

For instance, the second criteria, creative ideas, must be grounded in strategic insights or they become what we at McBru fondly refer to as “creative in search of a purpose.” If the agency isn’t steeped in those insights, their work is likely to be shallow or miss the mark.

The MarketingCharts post also reveals that eight out of 10 marketers feel agency specialization is important. These two notions go hand in hand; the more specialized an agency is, the deeper its expertise in its chosen market. That deep expertise, along with a passionate commitment to excellence in the disciplines they offer, drives strategic insights.

That’s why McBru has chosen to remain exclusively focused on tech B2B. We know this space as well – or better – than any agency out there, and we think it shows in both the strategic insights we offer and the quality of results we deliver to clients.

Want to see for yourself? Give me a call at 503.546.1002 or drop me a note at

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