Tech B2B Events: Our Top 5 Questions And Answers

May 7th, 2013 by Tracy

We’re now helping our clients navigate the sometimes choppy waters of a busy tradeshow season toward flawless execution. We find that some of the same questions invariably come up, year after year. Here are five of the most frequently asked:

  • Do we really need to have giveaways at our booth? The short answer is yes! The right give-away is more than just a tchotchke that an attendee passes on to their kid. It can act as a conversation starter and be used as a bargaining chip in exchange for a coveted business card.
  • How important is it to stay active on social media while at an event? It’s very important. A good social media strategy will generate buzz pre-event, capture exciting interactions during an event and maintain connections with new contacts post event.
  • Are lead-capturing devices worth the extra cost? Most of the time – especially at larger events where you are likely to get heavy traffic to your booth. Many lead capture devices let you do more than just scan an attendee’s business card. You can also add extra fields to further qualify that lead (e.g. size of company). The best part is that, at the end of a show, you may receive that information in a ready-to-use spreadsheet. That certainly beats having to input all that information manually!
  • Should I add a speaking opportunity to my sponsorship? It depends. If you are cultivating yourself and your company as thought leaders in a specific area, and you have compelling, useful information to share with your tradeshow audience, it is a worthy investment. However, please refrain from a presentation that skews heavily toward marketing your product and services – that will annoy your audience. Plan instead to share practical, useful information.
  • How quickly do I need to follow up with leads after an event? Faster is better. In general, follow up within two weeks after an event. The event, and your value to their work, is still fresh in their memory.

What questions do you have about tech B2B event marketing? Let me know in the comments below.

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