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June 13th, 2013 by Bill

424px-Smartphone_icon.svgAttention tech B2B email marketers! Before you plan your next email campaign, you need to develop a strategy for mobile form factors. If you need proof, consider this: According to a survey by Adobe (reported by PR Daily), email is now the primary reason that people use smartphones.

In fact, even the term “smartphone” may soon be outmoded. According to the survey, respondents said that they use their mobile device more for email than for making and receiving calls, a reversal that has big impact on how you plan email campaigns.

Combine this finding with another statistic from the same Adobe survey—that 59 percent of smartphone users say they are likely to make a purchase directly from their mobile devices in the next year—and it becomes abundantly clear that from today forward, email marketing is now mobile marketing.

Though the survey measured consumer smartphone usage, the lessons translate directly to tech B2B marketing. Email is now the best way to reach all kinds of consumers on the go—including tech audiences—so you need to make sure your B2B campaigns are mobile friendly for executives on the move.

It’s time to optimize your email marketing to recognize that an increasing number of people are reading and interacting with your campaigns on mobile devices. Some tips:

  • Write short, attention-grabbing subject lines. Typically, just 60 characters appear in a mobile screen subject line, so you need to make them count! If your reader is on the move, make sure your subject line commands their attention and gets them to open the email.
  • Be certain your body copy is easy to read and manipulate on a mobile handset. This is no place for a long preamble! Get straight to the point and provide links to your offer or website that don’t require unnecessary scrolling.
  • Target your lists and focus on context. When planning a campaign that will target a mobile audience, remember to tailor your list and content to the context of readers on the go. Making sure that your messages are perceived as relevant is the best way to ensure that readers will heed your call to action and engage with your campaign.

Mobile-ize your email campaigns and get on-the-move results.

Image: G. Hagedorn, Wikimedia Commons

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