A Huge Disruption at the PRSA 2013 Digital Impact Conference

June 28th, 2013 by David Smith

PRSA 2013 Digital Impact ConferenceWhen Edelman’s Steve Rubel said “this is an even bigger disruption to our practice than social media,” the crowd sat up.

I was in the back of the auditorium at the PRSA 2013 Digital Impact Conference as Steve laid out a tectonic change in who creates and distributes content. That the traditional editorial role is dying, a victim of declining ad revenues and social media, no one was surprised to hear. There’s too much content, too much audience fragmentation. In response, new media business models are evolving that give PR pros radical new means to deliver influence for clients and grow their practices. Keep your eyes on these emerging opportunities, tech B2B marketers.

In particular, he laid out what he calls the “first three” new models:

  1. Paid content syndication: yes, the advertorial rises again! Cost effective and, if quality maintained, a great way to get involved with media companies.
  2. Paid content integration: think of this as the content equivalent of product placement in movies. Your content is wrapped into existing editorial products – good for credibility.
  3. Paid content co-creation: the brand and the media company work together to create content to address a particular niche. The media company provides the audience. Expensive, but big brand impact.

Steve said to watch Forbes in particular for the evolution of these new ways of reaching your audiences. Now let’s put them to work in B2B!

P.S. One way to get started: watch my presentation titled “Social Media for B2B: What Works – and What Doesn’t – in the Tech Sector” that I shared at the conference yesterday.

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