Using Social Media to Enhance Tech B2B Influencer Relations

July 2nd, 2013 by Whitney

IR-SoMe postShould you roll social media into influencer relations, or should you add influencer relations to social media outreach?

As a truly integrated marketing agency, McBru strives to create programs for our tech B2B clients that fully integrate and support their marketing initiatives, across advertising, influencer relations, content marketing, social media, and so on. For clients that trust their influencer relations strategy and execution to McBru, it often means that we also lead their social media efforts. Why? It’s simple. The integration of influencer relations with social media optimizes a company’s brand awareness and reach.

The following tips can help the two disciplines amplify one another:

  1. Timing: Influencer relations should lead social content, not the other way around. A press release, for instance, should be sent before you post the news on your blog and promote it over social media. Consider a press release as the most formal form of raising brand awareness and all social media channels as strong means to support that effort. If you blast out a company’s news by social media, before the official corporate announcement – even if it’s from the corporate social channel – you just lost control of your message.
  2. Content Syndication and Optimization: Leverage your content in many ways. Pitch a blog post to target influencers while promoting it across multiple social channels—Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. The important thing to remember is tailoring the content for each medium. For example, LinkedIn is primarily used by business professionals, so your post should tell business audiences why they care. Similarly, Facebook followers like multimedia, so if possible, include an image or video to support the blog post you’re promoting. At the same time, enhance your SEO by using consistent keywords, titles, tags and descriptions.
  3. Connect: Remember that social networks are made up of over a billion people looking to connect and discuss topics they’re interested and passionate about. Social media, like influencer relations, is about relationship building. But each social channel is about relationships and people. So don’t just blast your news out and expect people to listen. Remember to engage with those who are engaging with you through retweets, articles, @mentions, likes, hashtags, and so on. Spend time creating two-way dialog and build relationships and brands organically.

Gone are the days when you can treat marketing initiatives as separate entities that don’t intersect. Instead, each marketing program can best support and boost another’s reach and effectiveness, if done properly. Learn more in this influencer relations and social media case study. Let us help you reach more of your audience and create a greater level of awareness.

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