Wolfram Alpha Unlocks Personal Facebook Data; Are Company Pages Far Behind?

July 12th, 2013 by James

Wolfram Alpha Facebook ReportIn the social sphere, we’ve gotten accustomed to business-driven analytics setting the standard for what’s discoverable and actionable. Last Friday, math-engine-as-a-service Wolfram Alpha turned that notion on its head with the release of a reporting tool exclusive to personal Facebook accounts that surfaces some really impressive insights about your Facebook habits and networks of friends. (Geek has a good write-up and Business Insider’s Walter Hickey goes in-depth with his own user data as the crux of the story; kudos to them and anyone else who covered this on the… shall we say, unconventional choice of July 5 as a release date.)

Running the report on my own account yielded some interesting findings, including the not-too-surprising visualization of just how much my own Facebook activity has fallen off over the last few months and the more surprising realization that two of my friends are engaged to be married. But what caught my attention as a marketer were the friend network reports, including one that visualizes those friends among my own network who are most well connected on Facebook (“top social gateways,” to use Wolfram Alpha’s term) and how closely I’m connected with them. That’s the sort of information a marketer could use!

Unfortunately, as of now it appears you can’t perform the free “personal” analysis with a company page. Whether that will change or if such capabilities are destined to live as part of Wolfram Alpha’s paid business services remains to be seen, but suffice it to say this points toward the type of Facebook reporting B2B marketers should demand – and would be willing to invest in – for the benefit of their corporate Facebook identities.

If you’d like your own personal Facebook report from Wolfram Alpha, click here.

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