Jama Software Gets Venture Funding After Establishing the Right Structure

August 23rd, 2013 by Janel


Given what they do, it’s no surprise project management software startup Jama Software waited six years to secure venture capital funding for product development. After all, according to Jama’s website, they believe,

Product delivery is bigger than product development. It begins much earlier in the product life cycle, at the concept phase, and carries through all the way to market launch.”

And structured collaboration to deliver products relies more on process than resources—more about how you approach your work than how much money you have for development.

Jama’s statement raises a good point about why businesses should embed strategic communications early in your product delivery process, as well.

Whether you call them “business objectives” or “brand identity statements” or whatever, a company’s communications strategy should be top-of-mind for every member of the team, especially in the sometimes-complicated world of technology.

If the communications strategy is clear in the beginning, it helps anchor the product delivery process.

As communications professionals, McBru uses our own structured collaboration process to serve clients and create clear marketing strategies for them, because we believe teams function at maximum capacity with that communication strategy in place early. (Yes, even creative teams need a little process and structure!).

And structure shouldn’t hinder innovation. It should support it.

Consider your own startup company, agency, or enterprise project management methodology. How does it incorporate strategic communications? What impact does it have on client satisfaction? On the initial concepts? On final delivery?

Our belief in structured collaboration is similar to tech companies like Jama. That’s why we’re in tech communications, and why most other agencies find it hard to cross over into that realm successfully.

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