Speaking Candidly: Why Your CEO Should Be Blogging

January 3rd, 2014 by Bill

typewriterHere at McBru, we’re seeing a strong increase in requests from our tech B2B clients for assistance with executive blogging. We also increasingly recommend C-level blogging as an excellent strategy for establishing thought leadership or driving traffic to a corporate website. In other words, blogging is hot again.

While blogging is an old technology compared to some other forms of social media, its relevance is growing as marketers face the need to give their messages a more personal voice and generate up-to-the-moment, focused content that can be repurposed across multiple channels.

In a recent article, Millennial CEO discussed why your CEO should be blogging, focusing on the power of regular blogs to build relationships, trust and community with customers. Many prospective customers go to your web site to learn more about your company – and not just to see the range of your products and services. Customers want to capture a sense of your company’s personality. “[Customers] seek to find companies that not only offer the products and services that they are looking for, but also companies that they like. Very similar to how offline relationships are built.” A smart, engaging blog from your CEO can help establish that relationship fast, reassuring readers that this is a company they feel good doing business with.

Millennial CEO also points out that a CEO blog can help your company create a sense of community with customers. Customers like to do business with people they trust, and the voice of the CEO, through regular blog posts that focus on thought leadership, industry insights, and meaningful (and positive) discussions of relevant topics, is a great way to create a network of trust and confidence. “The CEO becoming part of the story will help overcome the difficult getting-to-know-your-business part of the sale and will also help people stay part of the continued journey once they start doing business with you.”

A blog by a CEO (or other C-suite executive) also gives you a chance to quickly and directly address topics or react to fast-breaking issues, providing a forum for fast direct communication from outside the regular marketing realm.

CEO blogging doesn’t replace other marketing initiatives: It increases the effectiveness of the content strategies you have in place by adding a more personal voice that can speak directly to customers. CEOs lead by example, and by providing a forum for addressing relevant, timely issues and topics, they provide leadership for your company to both employees and customers.

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