The Top 10 Ways That Content Creation Maximizes Your ROI

January 9th, 2014 by Dina

successIn a previous blog, I explained Why Demographic Filters are a Waste of Money of Lead Acquisition for Tech B2B marketers.

Now, here are the top ten reasons why you are better off investing in robust content strategy over demographic filters.

  1. Content is a targeting tool by default. Write it (many “its”) and they will come.  Potential customers will find you through search engines, they will find you through blogs, they will find you through articles you write. They will find you.
  2. Content fuels natural SEO. Search engines rank you and your website based on your content.  Invest in great content, and you’ll improve your search engine ranking.
  3. Content generates traffic. Improve your search engine ranking with great content, and you’ll get more visitors to your website.
  4. Content strategy can make or break you. What your content contains, how it informs, how it reaches people, and the pertinence of your message are all key to establishing your brand identity, your thought leadership, and what sets your company and product apart. You need several pieces of content to do this, and it can make or break you.
  5. Content is your key messaging tool. It is how you communicate your brand, your value, and distinguish how you are different than your competitors.
  6. Content allows you to target your audience at each phase of the buying cycle and target your buying personas.  Providing information that addresses a particular concern, or problem, can be a great way to attract the attention of your audience, and give them a reason to come back to your site to look for additional content. Citrix Online, the division of Citrix that produces Go To Meeting, is great at this. Their website right now offers a whitepaper on Eight Ways to Work Smarter, Live Better and be More Productive and 5 Myths About Leading Virtual Teams, rather than a paper that outlines the reasons you need to buy Go To Meeting for your business. We know just by title that Eight Ways to Work Smarter, Live Better and Be More Productive attracts knowledge workers and professionals seeking a work life balance. We can further deduce that people who find their lives out of balance are going to be mid-career or later, with families and a demanding career, probably 30-50 in age, with some influence in the buying cycle.  5 Myths About Leading Virtual Teams is going to be read by managers at companies that are probably mid-large in size because they are leading full teams of virtual staff. Someone who is managing a virtual team is probably going to have some purchasing power. So, Citrix is targeting management, mid-career and above, with purchase power and or/influence through the high value content they have provided.
  7. Content can keep your brand fresh and relevant. The World Wide Web is not a static environment and your message needs to be refreshed constantly to stay relevant. It’s much easier to refresh your content that to change your brand identity year after year.
  8. Diversify your content and fill your sales funnel. Whitepapers that compare your product to the competition are an effective tool that lets you know someone is interested in comparing products. People do not compare products until later in the buying cycle. Videos are favored by both human beings and search engines. YouTube is the number one visited website in the world for a reason. Invest in video that informs, and entertains. Varying your content type will attract more people to your brand and help establish your position as thought leaders.
  9. Content is a great way to integrate your marketing plan and shorten the sales cycle. Drive people to your website, email them after they have downloaded your awesome whitepaper paper on how they can get ahead in their life and career, then offer them another one, this time on how to increase your team’s productivity. When they download that, ask them in real time if they want to watch a quick video on how your product works to increase productivity.
  10. Content gives you a true demographic picture of who your customers are. Content allows you to ask your potential customers for information about themselves, giving you a true picture of the scope of your buyers. In exchange for the great information you are providing to your potential customers, you can ask them questions and collect information on them. I believe that the better your content, the more you can ask for valuable customer information. Having a true picture of who your customer is will allow you to adjust your message, your content, and your product development according to facts, rather than conjecture. The information you gather from your customers may be the most valuable of all.

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