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March 5th, 2014 by Erica

content-treeAt McBru, we have an excellent technical writer on staff. You’ve probably heard of him: Bill McRae. Yes, he’s quite the celebrity among our deep tech clients. He whips and wrangles their content into easy-to-digest and highly credible technical pieces. Anyone who has worked with him can appreciate he knows his craft, and he knows technology. It’s impressive.

We also have Kevin Fann, our Creative Director. But in him, we not only have a spark plug of a creative mind (or maybe it’s a bon fire?), but also a Cracker Jack copywriter. To someone outside the field of marketing, being a copywriter may seem like a grunt task. Kevin loves to write and proves to anyone who reads his work that it is in no way “grunt” work; it’s masterful and poetic.

These two may hold the titles of “writer” in the firm, but we all are here and drawn to McBru because at our core, we love to communicate with technical people – and do it in creative ways.

Writing is one of the most fun – and challenging ways to do so. And always cut out the fluff and stuff – we know our clients’ technical audiences don’t want to hear it.

One of the ways we enjoy writing is through this blog. It allows each person at the firm to share why they love the work here, cool projects they’ve been a part of, quiet think time to reflect on an industry trend or piece of insight or put forward a bold point of view about where tech B2B marketing is heading.

Just like our secret sauce when trying to speak to deep tech audiences, some of the things we believe are important in our writing for this blog include:

  1. Educate. We all read this, and our clients do too. If you aren’t a client presently, we’re so glad you’re tuning in. We hope you learn something about us and how we think differently. For us, we love to see our colleagues’ smarts come through on the screen. We are a unique group who holds tremendous respect for each member of the team.
  2. Arm. We arm our readers with resources that help them get their jobs done. We love to talk about tips and best practices for our “Great Eight” disciplines.
  3. Inspire. This comes from being truly inspired by what our clients and their customers do; genuinely and authentically appreciating their work. Yes it’s cheesy but we get our cups filled seeing our technology clients succeed. We are glad we get to help.
  4. Have fun. We never take ourselves seriously. Ever. We’re always open to new ideas, a good laugh, and being stretched and challenged. Yes, to us, a challenge is fun.

What topics do you love reading on our blog? What could you use more of in the future?

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