Punching Above Our Weight: McClenahan Bruer, Influencer Relations, and Growth-Stage Companies

April 21st, 2014 by James

pugilistMcBru has served as influencer relations agency and strategic marketing advisor to a number of growth-stage companies over the past 20+ years.

For some of our clients, the goal was an IPO and faster growth. For other clients, the goal was strategic acquisition. One thing all our growth-stage clients had in common?

They were usually facing three main challenges during a time of rapid transition.

Top 3 Influencer Relations challenges for growth-stage companies

  1. They have a small window for success. Growth-stage companies only have a brief time to achieve maximum velocity and reap maximum gains for their sales and marketing efforts. Time-to-results is critical.
  2. They face entrenched competition. Growth-stage companies are almost always challengers looking to overturn the status quo of an established market, typically dominated by incumbent competitors with ubiquitous brand awareness, a large installed base, a massive sales force, broad product offerings that are readily cross-sold, and substantial brand equity.
  3. They must overcome limited awareness. Companies in growth stage find market awareness to be the key factor gating their upward trajectory. That can amount to a harmful lack of “air cover” for sales, a shortfall of credibility and trust within its audiences, or being known for solutions or traits that run counter to the company’s business objectives.

How We Handle Those PR Challenges At McBru

Based on work we’ve done for clients in the growth stage of their business, McBru has developed a set of main objectives we strive for to help overcome limited time windows, entrenched competition, and limited awareness.

Those are to:

  1. Commit and adhere to a consistent, overarching influencer relations strategy.
  2. Make our clients look bigger – a lot bigger — than they are.
  3. Own a unique vision for an evolving market—and for our client’s role in transforming it.

These three objectives have helped McBru’s growth-stage clients consistently accumulate awareness and purchase consideration, break apart from the “also-rans” in their markets, and achieve big things in tight timeframes using our influencer relations expertise.

Interested in more details?

Give me a shout or drop me a line. There are a lot of strategies and tactics that live inside this topic, and I don’t want to give away too much of our “secret sauce” on a blog post.

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