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SlideShare Currently Holds the Conversion Title

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

According to Chad Pollitt of Social Media Today, SlideShare is best by far at converting B2B customers.

Pollitt compiled data over an 18-month period from Social Media Today’s own social media efforts to get audiences to take an action and convert—meaning clicking to “Learn More,” or downloading a white paper, or entering their contact info, etc.

We found the results so interesting, that we decided to take Chad’s data (and his boxing metaphor!) and make an infographic to share.

Social media conversions infographic

According to Social Media Today, one channel clearly stands out as the conversion champ in B2B social media.

The moral of the story?

If you want to punch above your weight, put clickable links in SlideShare decks. That’s where your odds are best at landing a solid hit.

Thanks for the great article and the great insights, Chad. Keep ‘em coming!

Grow Tech B2B LinkedIn Groups with Promoted SlideShare Content

Friday, March 29th, 2013

In tech B2B marketing, LinkedIn Groups are proving to be an effective social platform to reach audiences that thrive on informative data and discussions. If managed well, groups serve as a knowledge base that encourages brand preference and engagement. Groups with clearly defined goals and guardrails designed to foster mindshare organically attract members in the vertical market.

To accelerate organic growth, now you can entice more qualified prospects to your group using content-rich Slideshare content delivered as ads across LinkedIn.  SlideShare Content Ads function as a highly visible portal between SlideShare and LinkedIn. Tech B2B marketers can use SlideShare to prominently feature content rich presentations and video, while utiltizing the familiar cost and segmentation structure of display ads. When using a campaign to attract group members, be clear about group membership criteria in your SlideShare presentation’s CTA.

Efforts to build targeted tech B2B LinkedIn groups can lead to ROI indirectly (via education and networking) or directly (through sales leads and demos). Be certain to follow through with ongoing, knowledgeable community management for optimal conversion rates.

What has been your brand’s experience with leveraging LinkedIn groups for influencer relations? We’d be happy to discuss strategy with you at McBru.

Image credit: LinkedIn