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Its time to get moving on Google for business


Engage with Communities

An essential thing that you have to stick to if you want to succeed on Google+ is to engage with other communities and people. Getting engaged with other communities will give you the chance to promote your brand easily by just talking to people or leaving comments on their posts. This is beneficial to you because after some time, people will start recognizing your name and picture, and that’s is your goal. Therefore, if you want to succeed very fast on Google+ then you need to interact and engage with communities. This will take up some time of your day, but in the end, it will be worth it. You have to stay dedicated to what you do and if you don’t try out every method and strategy to get to the top, then you better stop right now.

Use Visuals

Visuals such as images are your friend on Google+ because they are extremely good for getting someone attention. Especially when you are using a large picture that has a great message or it is just catchy, you can expect a lot more visitors than usual. These large images will take away a lot of room on your feed, but after all the big things will bring new people to your posts just to look at them. Also, a very good tip that we can give you is to play with your title, by making it bold. This way your title will stand out and people will be able to read your title first and if you are clever enough you will attract a lot of new visitors. “A quality image can instantly attract customers to your profile and business. As a website design business in Brisbane, we provide quality design services which really make a difference for our customers” Matt from Brisbane Web Design company M2media


Quality Profile Picture

One of the first things that people will see when they visit your Google+ profile is your actual picture that you have set. Therefore, if you are clever enough, you will realize that you can use that photo to your advantage by having a very quality profile picture. Of course, we are not talking about the pixel quality, what we are saying is that you must have a friendly picture, something that represents you or your business. A logo is certainly a good choice because people will remember and connect the logo with your name. However, it can really be anything that is friendly, funny, or just simply clever, meaning it will attract people to click on your profile. Use these tips to your advantage, they are completely free.

The Push and Pull of B2B Marketing


One of the most frequently asked questions that we get nowadays is about the B2B marketing strategy because people are having a hard time to understand it completely. We understand that it can be hard to understand on your own, but if you have someone like us by your side, then you don’t have to worry about not knowing every little detail because we will take care of it. Of course, we can educate you about some of the two main strategies of B2B marketing which are called push and pull.

Push Marketing

Push Marketing is usually described to people as the more traditional way of marketing. Businesses broadcast their message about them with the hope that they will successfully attract new customers and make more sales. The B2B push online marketing strategy is about promoting a brand awareness and getting some type of leads. It is like casting a large net and hoping for the best. From the customer perspective, the B2B push method they don’t see a choice to choose these push marketing messages. They will get the messages whether they want them or not. That’s why a lot of people find the B2B push marketing to be a little intrusive. The customers don’t get the change to choose or discover that message, they just get it whether they like it or not.

Pull marketing

B2BAs you can probably guess just by the names of these marketing strategies, the B2B pull marketing is the opposite of the push version. This marketing option is all about letting the customers find your business when they have some type of issue and they need your product or services in order to fix their issue. Recently, there have been some changes to the B2B buying process because more people are starting to lean more towards the pull marketing strategies. This strategy is using a very educational type of content in order to target protentional customers. By using some SEO services, they are getting massive success because they get a lot more traffic on their websites, that’s why the pull version may be a better choice.